June 19, 2024
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How to become customer?

Hello Marqeta team, I filled up the web form to be your customer at least 5 times in the past 3 months. I wonder what is the best way to reach out to sales team.  I appreciate your help.Thanks 

17125 by New Contributor
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Resolved! How do we actually become a customer?

We are trying to integrate Marqueta's Card Issuance API/solution with our app but don't know how to become a customer and get live environment API keys.We have filled out the Contact Us form (marqeta.com/contact-us) several times and are yet to hear ...

Creating a card from the dashboard

If I create a new card using the dashboard, will the configured webhooks be called?The application has subscribed to the following events among others.fulfillment.deliveredfulfillment.digitally_presentedfulfillment.issuedfulfillment.orderedfulfillmen...

ipinak by New Contributor
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Marqeta's New Docs AI Chatbot

Hi all!  Your community manager here.  I wanted to highlight our recent blog post, which discusses our Docs AI Chatbot release.  Check out the blog post here.  If you are curious about the tool itself, learn more here.  Have a great day!

reneemq by Community Manager
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Resolved! Webhooks endpoints response 503 status code

Hi,Could you help to fix this issue?I can use other endpoints as usual but the webhooks endpoints.GET https://sandbox-api.marqeta.com/v3/webhooks?count=5&start_index=0&sort_by=-createdTime // response body <html> <head><title>503 Service Temporarily...

How to go live after integrating the JIT Funding

Good day everyone i  have been wondering how our payment institution can go live after integrating and implementing the JIT Funding service into our payment system, We have tried so many time to contact the marqeta support but we got no reply after s...

marqeta-python library

Is the marqeta-python[https://github.com/marqeta/marqeta-python] library still actively maintained/recommended or should folks prefer the OpenAPI/swagger options?  I noticed the 'peertransfers' API endpoints aren't present in the library, I could sen...

codewhale by New Contributor
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Testing Transactions with Simulations 2.0 - WEBINAR

Hi all, Community Manager here.  Good news - we are back with our Simulations 2.0 webinar!  Our team is excited to guide you all on how to use our sandbox environment and simulate different transactions types. Interested?  Come join us on Tuesday, O...

reneemq by Community Manager
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