April 12, 2024
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Urgent Improved For Customer Support Needed

Urgent Improved For Customer Support Needed

New Contributor

Hi Marqeta Community Managers,

We have been sending a series of emails to Marqeta since September but have not received any response beyond the community forum. This has led us to halt and suspend the integration of Marqeta services into our platform, causing frustration and making it challenging to work with Marqeta in various aspects of integration.

We are left wondering if it's possible to become a Marqeta customer. It's disheartening that a company like Marqeta is unresponsive to customer emails, especially when they need assistance with integrating your services into their respective platforms. In contrast, companies like Visa and Mastercard, with the largest customer bases in the card payment industry, prioritize customer support and responsiveness. Marqeta could easily become the best company to work with if it addresses this customer service issue. New companies with subpar customer service often struggle because they require customer investments to grow beyond expectations. However, ignoring and mistreating customers can deter investments and partnerships with Marqeta.

We've also come across posts from other customers who share our concerns. My humble suggestion to Marqeta is to hire more capable and helpful personnel who can expedite problem-solving and offer support to customers like us. This will improve the experience and prevent complaints. This situation can negatively impact the company's reputation and drive potential customers away. If the issue is resolved, I believe Marqeta can reach new heights in the industry.

This message is intended as constructive feedback, and I offer it with the best intentions.

Thank you for your attention.

Harry David

 @ColeCallahan , @Ricardo 


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @sterlingsdavis .  Thank you for your note and your patience.  Are you a current customer of Marqeta or looking for guidance on your use case?  If a current customer, your assigned account rep should be able to help you.  If you still need guidance with your use case, I have spoken to sales and they are prioritizing their outreach to you.