March 31, 2023
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Community Activity

Resolved! Supported font families with marqeta.bootstrap

Hello, i am using marqetajs 1.1.0. i'm trying to style the revealed data with font family: Space Grotesk and font family: Space Mono but it does not seem to work (both are google fonts). Is there a way to make them work? if not , is there a place to ...

Does Marqeta support level III (3) transaction data?

For my purposes I need access to level III or 3 data. For example, when an airline ticket is purchased, details about the flight are passed along.Here is a good summary I found elsewhere:Credit Card Processing LevelsNow that you understand what level...

daveMac89 by New Contributor
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Resolved! 400656 The card must be active or unactivated.

Hello,  We are receiving 400656 error code occasionally from our system and just wanted to clarify if card must be active means the card already activated in digital wallet. And unactivated mean card has not been activated to use yet. If you could pl...

Understanding ACH Returns - Part 2

In the last article "Understanding ACH Returns - Part 1", we discussed some basic concepts of an ACH return and how it works in general. In Part 2, we will review some common return scenarios and how you can leverage Marqeta's API to manage ACH retu...

dwu by Marqetan
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