October 15, 2021
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Are webhook events environment agnostic?

We recently got a question about whether webhook events are associated with a specific environment. In other words, is there an event type whose webhook events are not triggered in the sandbox, or are all event types supported regardless of the envir...

Does the card resource have a metadata field?

People often wonder if the card resource has a metadata field, including how it can be used, where it is stored, and whether this field can be used to pass data. The answer is that users of the Marqeta platform typically store metadata at the user le...

How to use Marqeta Webhooks

Are you building an application that relies on a third-party service? If so, how does your application know when updates occur on that service? Let’s say you have an application which manages a user’s social media account. How can the application kno...

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How are card numbers determined?

We sometimes get questions about how a card number (PAN) is chosen when creating cards. Here are a few details: As part of card creation, a PAN is randomly generated within a program’s assigned BIN range. If that PAN is unavailable for any reason, an...

How to use a webhook response to find decline code

To find the decline message via webhook response look for the response code and memo. Check for the user, card, or transaction token to link the decline back to your system. Restricted Auth Example: }, "issuer_interchange_amount" : 0, "currency_code"...

jcook by Marqeta Staff
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Common decline reasons and resolutions

We've put together resolutions for common decline codes in the table below. Code Definition Resolution 1001 Card Expired Issue new card. To view Expiration via API- use “expiration” field /cards endpoint. Via Dashboard use “expiration” on the card im...

jcook by Marqeta Staff
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How to troubleshoot card payment declines

What are declines? Declines occur when a card payment cannot be processed, for a variety of different reasons. To begin to troubleshoot it’s important to understand the types of declines and why they occur.HARD DECLINE: Authorizations that are not ap...

jcook by Marqeta Staff
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