July 17, 2024
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Request to Transition Account to Production Environment

Dear Marqeta Support Team, I hope this message finds you well. I am writing to formally request the transition of my Marqeta account from the sandbox environment to the production environment. Our development and testing phases have been successfully...

Get Declined Transactions

Hello guys, I was wondering how can I fetch the declined transactions for a period of time?I tried https://www.marqeta.com/docs/diva-api/declines/, but all requests are getting 404 BAD REQUEST.. {"error_message": "Resource not found or unavailable","...

prodanov by New Contributor
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Demo Meeting

Good day,Are you able to help us get a demo meeting to review your platform. We are in the market for a solution like yours. We have made numerous attempts to contact your team but no one has responded.Thank you,

midelyne by New Contributor
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Waiting for the contact from sale representative

Hi Marqeta team,We have finished the basic integrations with Marqeta's API and everything is smooth. However, the most important thing is we are still waiting for the contact from sales representative and everything is stuck at this step.I found that...

vision by New Contributor
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Resolved! /simulations/cardtransactions/original.credit.auth_plus_capture

Hello community,I have problem when trying to run OCT credit authorization simulation for a card. The following is the response that I get.. Note that it was working before.The endpoint:https://sandbox-api.marqeta.com/v3/simulations/cardtransactions/...

prodanov by New Contributor
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Card Load

Hello, I would like to know if it is possible to load the Marqueta card at stores like Walgreens, Family dollard ......

Kepson24 by New Contributor
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Crypto Card Cooperation

Hi there, could you please tell me some details about the crypto cards or send me the relevant introduction files? Such as the application scenerios, payments channels, particularly and the rates. Thanks~

Issue with receiving transactions

We send request to get transactions using this query List Transactions https://sandbox-api.marqeta.com/v3/transactions?count=100&start_index=100&state=ALL and receive response where transaction with token = “5a5b1cb5-4628-4596-b77e-6b33c7e69f16” and ...

skripnikrost_0-1711645484839.png skripnikrost_1-1711645495978.png

Trying to contact

 We would like to contact the sales team as soon as possible.   

able by New Contributor
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