June 9, 2023
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Crypto Debit Cards

Can anyone recommend on MQ APIs and overall approach to implement Crypto Debit cards using Marqeta APIs?What webhook do I need to use on my app side?Thanks!

Trouble creating a push-to-card payment card

Edit: Some more information to help- the card being inputted was a Visa Credit Card with an apartment number in the billing address. I've tried the address with both the apt number included and left out.  Hey all! I'm a new Marqeta dev looking to use...

Crypto Card Issuance via my app ?

 I have a crypto app/platform that custodies wallets for various registered users of/on my app.Can someone tell me is its possible for me to use Marqueta API's to issue Marqeta crypto cards for my users from my app ?

walshe by New Contributor
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Resolved! Is metadata passed to merchant?

When I issue a card, I can include metadata (see here: https://www.marqeta.com/docs/core-api/cards#_body_field_details). What I'm unclear on is where that metadata goes, if anywhere. I'd like it to be passed to the merchant — is it? If not, is there ...

davew by New Contributor II
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Create Card APIs are failing

Hi All,I was trying out Create Card APIs and it is failing for me. PFA the error response that we are getting. { "error_message": "query did not return a unique result: 2" }I have tried with multiple sandboxes and Card products.If there is a main...

Arvind by New Contributor III
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