May 17, 2024
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Reg Setting transaction limits on online, offline & ATM

Can someone suggest how do we implement these checks where we want to limit Online, Offline and ATM transactions .Use case is 1) user should be able to enable or disable any transactions that are initiated online or offline or ATM2) user should be ab...

Crypto Debit Cards

Can anyone recommend on MQ APIs and overall approach to implement Crypto Debit cards using Marqeta APIs?What webhook do I need to use on my app side?Thanks!

Trouble creating a push-to-card payment card

Edit: Some more information to help- the card being inputted was a Visa Credit Card with an apartment number in the billing address. I've tried the address with both the apt number included and left out.  Hey all! I'm a new Marqeta dev looking to use...

Crypto Card Issuance via my app ?

 I have a crypto app/platform that custodies wallets for various registered users of/on my app.Can someone tell me is its possible for me to use Marqueta API's to issue Marqeta crypto cards for my users from my app ?

walshe by New Contributor
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Resolved! Is metadata passed to merchant?

When I issue a card, I can include metadata (see here: What I'm unclear on is where that metadata goes, if anywhere. I'd like it to be passed to the merchant — is it? If not, is there ...

davew by New Contributor II
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Create Card APIs are failing

Hi All,I was trying out Create Card APIs and it is failing for me. PFA the error response that we are getting. { "error_message": "query did not return a unique result: 2" }I have tried with multiple sandboxes and Card products.If there is a main...

Arvind by New Contributor III
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