February 28, 2024
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Request ID during retries?

If a webhook needs to be retried, is the same value in the "x-marqeta-request-trace-id" the same in each retry attempt?

jplock by New Contributor
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PCI DSS Compliance and LGPD (Brazil)

Hi guys,I'm developer in Brazil and we have some laws for security and data protection. It's called LGPD (Lei Geral de Proteção de Dados Pessoais) and I woud like to know if the Marqeta's plataform has some documentation or something that I can know ...

vizawa by New Contributor
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Can I use Marqeta as a Sole Proprietor?

Hey everyone, I'm an individual with a passion for creating a website similar to Privacy.com that would allow users to issue virtual cards for added privacy and security. I've been researching different options, and I'm wondering if I can use Marqeta...

Marqeta issuing

Is marqeta good for fintechs and issuing cards  to our customers

Marko by New Contributor
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Resolved! Does Marqeta provide info about the product bought from merchant

I'm researching whether it's possible to make authorization decisions by product category when using JIT Gateway funding, but the only info I found in the transaction authorization request is merchant id and merchant category:  "card_acceptor": { ...

nonanimus by New Contributor
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Html,css and JavaScript API

Can I integrate marqeta API with html,css and JavaScript,if it is possible,pls I need a repository, maybe through GitHub 

David1234 by New Contributor
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