April 24, 2024
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Marqeta Staff
Marqeta Staff

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) allows downstream customers to interact with Marqeta’s backend services through a computer-operated phone system. Some operations that can be achieved with IVR are reporting lost or stolen cards, pin activation, checking account balance and activating a card.


Where can IVR be tested?

Programs can only test IVR in production. Sandbox is currently not supported. 

During Implementation:

  • Marqeta’s engineers perform functional test cases in the customer’s QA environment as well as smoke test cases in their production environment. QA testing comprises all scenarios that are specific to the customer.


What's the requirement for testing IVR?

  • Marqeta Customer
    • A Twilio phone number is required. This will be assigned by a member of Marqeta’s Delivery Tech team.
  • Downstream customer
    • Users need to be active in order to activate cards. If Know Your Customer (KYC) is applicable, customers must pass KYC requirements.
    • Set and Reset PIN requires DOB and Phone number depending on whether you are calling from the account holder’s phone number or not.
    • Activating card requires:
      • Social Security Number (SSN) if the user enters the phone number on file incorrectly or
      • Both the phone number on file and date of birth (DOB)
    • Reporting a card lost or stolen requires: 
      • Primary Account Number (PAN) or
      • Both the phone number on file and DOB


What happens if a customer reports a lost or stolen card via IVR?

Typically, when a customer goes through the lost or stolen flow via IVR, the outcome will deactivate the old card and/or PAN and issue a new card and/orPAN. Physical cards are generated as inactive so the end customer can activate it upon receipt and virtual cards are generated as active. 

Please note that customers have the option to customize the active or inactive state of a card for IVR flows but Marqeta recommends the flow described above.


How often are IVRs set up by the Marqeta team?

IVRs are set up based on requests made by the Customer Success or OPM teams. In many cases IVR is an offering that is listed in the MSA, following which a request is made for the set up. There’s no delay in setup upon request. 


Can customers customize IVR responses? 

Customization of IVR functionality (Activate Card, Set or Change PIN, Check Balance, and Report Card Lost/Stolen) requires an extensive approval process by our banking partners. 

Sutton bank is our only partner bank that has a pre-approved script for all of its IVR functionality.

Report Card Lost or Stolen functionality is required for all IVR programs; Other functionality can be omitted depending on the type of program. 

Do I have to have my old PIN to change my PIN via IVR? 

No, it is not required to have the old PIN to change the PIN via IVR


Is there an amount of time where if a customer pauses for too long, the IVR will hang up or transfer to a customer service line?

If the customer pauses for ***x minutes, the customer will be presented with an audio message such as ”Sorry, I didn’t get your response. Please enter [some required information]. “ If the customer repeats this, again they will be prompted to enter the required information. The maximum number (velocity)  of such bad attempts will be set to a number decided by programs. Most programs have a velocity set to three for bad attempts. If the customer exceeds this limit, the call will be transferred to a customer service representative.

Note: ***x is program-specific.


How many times can a user enter the wrong information before automatically being transferred to the live customer service line?

Programs can customize how many times a user can enter the wrong information. Most programs have it set to three times. 


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