April 17, 2024
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Marqeta Staff
Marqeta Staff

To find the decline message via webhook response look for the response code and memo. Check for the user, card, or transaction token to link the decline back to your system. 


Restricted Auth Example:


 "issuer_interchange_amount" : 0,
 "currency_code" : "EUR",
 "response" : {
  "code" : "1832",
  "memo" : "Auth restriction found for given mid or mcc",
  "additional information" : "Decline unaccepted MCC. Default auth control behavior is set to ALLOW and transaction falls under exception"
 "network" : "MASTERCARD",
 "acquirer_fee_amount" : 0,
 "acquirer" : {
  "instituion_id_code" : "000264",



Card suspended example:




For further details on this please see related knowledge base articles:

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