April 12, 2024
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How can I use marqeta in funding and supporting platform?

New Contributor


Sorry this might be like a broad question, but I didn't understand much how Marqeta works. I am working on a website which works like buy me a coffee, so I have users get fund and support from the community.

Can I use Marqeta to enable that? and How?

In stripe, there's Stripe Connect, which would enable my website to let users have stripe business accounts assigned to my website, and they get paid directly to their account, and eventually they will have the money in their bank account.

I think the process here is different. I should issue them a card, and I fund these cards with the amounts that is sent for them, and they can use the money on this card in other stores or send them directly to their bank account, right?

In other words, What is the process to let my users receive money from other users?


Marqeta Staff
Marqeta Staff

You can issue your customers a digital account or direct deposit account  with account and routing number. With their personal account and routing number, customers can have external funds flow into the Marqeta platform. These accounts can have a card attached to it to make spending their funds easier. 

New Contributor

Thanks for answering. Can you add some links to api and other related docs so I can see how it can fits in my project?