March 5, 2024
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When is card_token null in "/three-ds/decision"?

When is card_token null in "/three-ds/decision"?

New Contributor

In, we need to create an endpoint "/three-ds/decision" on our server so Marqeta can POST to it. 

The docs say:



Marqeta-assigned unique card token identifying the user.

Allowable Values:

36 char max

card_token is Optional - in what cases is this field null? We hope there's always going to be a "card_token" when Marqeta POSTs to that endpoint - it means someone is swiping their card and that we need to determine if we want to push them through the 3DS authentication flow. So how can this be null?


New Contributor

By optional of course that doesn't only mean null, but also that the field isn't in the request body - in what cases is that possible? 

Hi @bigrhino1223, Community Manager here. Thank you for posting your question here in the Developer Community. We are glad to have you join us.

I sent this over to our docs team when you posted this, and we were able to update the doc you mentioned above to clarify for your question.

Thank you for bringing this up to us, your feedback and questions make it possible for us to make a better developer experience. Cheers.