July 14, 2024
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Fintech books

New Contributor II

Hi all!

I would like to start a post about FinTech books recommendations.

The first one is: 

'The world of digital payments' by Pavlo Sidelov

Have you read it? What do you think?

Any other recommendation?



New Contributor II

@crilofer  I don't read much, I like to watch/listen a lot rather than reading.

I heard this one is good  -  "The Future Is Faster Than You Think ".

Marqeta Staff
Marqeta Staff

@crilofer I haven't read that one, but I'll definitely check it out! "Payment Systems in the U.S." is one of the books that a lot of Fintech employees read when they first get into the industry. It's fairly broad in scope but provides good baseline information.

Finding a reference that's specific to your region is important as well - what market are you looking to learn more about?

The thing I like best about the Payment Systems in the U.S. book is that there is a Kindle version you can search through. Very practical, and better than an index at the end of the book.

Community Manager
Community Manager

@crilofer - have you read Anatomy of the Swipe? It's definitely a must read, wealth of information and good resource to have handy. The author is a very good friend of mine, @siddiquiahmed - him and I were actually just talking about potentially doing a fireside chat about his book here on the community. Stay tuned! 😀

Anatomy of Swipe is a great book. Gives such good explanation with simple examples 👌A Fireside chat with Ahmed would be awesome. Looking forward to it! 😀

Thanks for the recommendation. Really enjoying this book. _Exactly_ what I needed as a payments n00b. 
Picked up a copy yesterday and already half way through. 
I've been brought in by a client to run discovery and implementation of Marqeta and, whilst dev & discovery isn't new to me, the finer nuances of digital payments is. The author has such a straight forward way of running through things and an engaging voice. Maybe @siddiquiahmed should consider novels as well 😄!! I love his style.


Here are a couple good fintech/paytech books..   

The paytech book https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/51116629-the-paytech-book
The anatomy of the swipe (written by Ahmed Siddiqui an MQ alum).  https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/53521551-the-anatomy-of-the-swipe


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This post is going to be a great resource! Thanks for creating this thread!

New Contributor II

+1 - agree with @tyrelh! Thanks for starting this thread @crilofer