July 14, 2024
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I'm Ahmed Siddiqui, Ask Me Anything! Live on 12/15

I'm Ahmed Siddiqui, Ask Me Anything! Live on 12/15

New Contributor

Zoom link (https://marqeta.zoom.us/j/89902384423?pwd=MDBNWVFVYkJTVS9jQVp4M2NQZ2wxUT09)

I’m Ahmed Siddiqui, Chief Payments Officer at workforce payments platform Branch and author of The Anatomy of the Swipe. I’m excited to join the next Marqeta Dev Ask Me Anything and dive into the magic of how money moves.

Join me on Wednesday, December 15th at 11 am PST  as I answer your questions about my book, payments, and other fintech topics. Start submitting questions below any time before or during the AMA. Be sure to take a look at other community members’ questions and up-vote those that you find interesting.

💥BOOK GIVEAWAY  @Ricardo  and the Marqeta team will be sending out a free copy of my book - get your copy by doing one of the following before 12/10/21:

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Looking forward to it!

Event Details

  1. Ask your question below & 
  2. Join us for the live stream on December 15th at 11 AM PT, navigate back here for the live webinar link and join the conversation
  3. The guest will answer questions on a first-come, first-serve basis, starting with those asked before the event. 
  4. Once the event is over, the thread will be locked, which means that no new questions can be posted. However, anyone will still be able to see the questions and answers from the event.

Some things to keep in mind:

  • The Community Guidelines still apply, so keep your comments polite.
  • Clear and detailed questions are more likely to receive a useful response, so try to be specific in what you are asking.
  • While the team will make an effort to answer all questions, time constraints and company policies may prevent some questions from being answered. Questions that are out of scope: Onboarding troubleshooting questions and support escalations



New Contributor

What was your journey to the Payments space?

New Contributor II

How do you think cryptocurrencies will change the payments concept as we know nowadays?

New Contributor

How would decreased interchange rates change payments-space business models in the future? Most recently, with Amazon fighting Visa, it's not unreasonable to potentially see one or two large participants force lowered interchange across the entire market.  If this happens, are SaaS fees inevitable to make certain payments businesses feasible?

New Contributor

How can card payment processors /PaaS providers better meet the need for efficient cross-border card payments? And what are the key vulnerabilities in adjusting this payment channel that companies should consider to ensure the infrastructure remains safe and secure for the parties involved?

New Contributor

Hi Ahmed, 

Thank you for this opportunity. I am curious to know what particular card company is better Mastercard or Visa? I am also wanting to know as to why many companies stray away from American Express for card transaction needs? With so much fraud today how secure is it swiping on the wireless devices and how is information protected to prevent data breaches and more? I am speaking in regards to when Target had a large data breach. 

With starting a new e-commerce business what is the best way to protect my company as well as my customers from any and all  fraud interactions ? 

New Contributor

What are the strengths and weaknesses between Visa and Mastercard as networks? 
- which one has better fraud prevention? 
- which one is more merchant-friendly? 
- which one is more issuer-friendly? 

New Contributor

What is the best way to approach when a merchant declines (e.g. a transaction previously successful but the next they decide to decline, $100 purchase is fine but $250 is not)?

New Contributor

What network or program level workarounds are there to gas pumps capping transactions at $100 per purchase? 

New Contributor

Hi Ahmed,

There are countries like China whose currency (RMB) is not open; in the sense one can not buy or sell SMB without permission of the China's government. For international trade, it is essential that we transfer money (asset) among different countries freely.  What is your opinion on time frame for international money transfer freely.


Ashoke Bose



New Contributor

Hi Ahmed, 

In your opinion would you recommend that a new small business subscribe & accept all card companies if feasible  (ie: visa, Mastercard, American Express.) & how would you recommend them to decide what ones they should take?


New Contributor

Hi Ahmed,

How do you think payments domain will look over the next 3-5 years? What are some of the trends you are closely following?  

Thank you for doing this.

New Contributor III

Hey @siddiquiahmed ,

What are your views on Branchless Banking like Monzo, and what are the pitfalls that we need to be aware of as an end-user and the development team ?

New Contributor

Which trend(s) should we be paying attention to regarding money movement outside of card networks?

Community Manager
Community Manager