July 14, 2024
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How can I use marqeta in funding and supporting platform?

Hi,Sorry this might be like a broad question, but I didn't understand much how Marqeta works. I am working on a website which works like buy me a coffee, so I have users get fund and support from the community.Can I use Marqeta to enable that? and Ho...

Can't launch card program

Hello, I have sent many times an email by typeform and sdr@marqeta.com but I have not had an answer for more than a week for being able to help me for the creation of the card program, thank you.

Vyft_team by New Contributor
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Resolved! Can spending controls be reset on a card?

We have a use case where occasionally a client may reach their spend limit mid cycle and request a reset of the limit.It appears that this can be achieved. From the API docs:NOTE: Editing any of the following fields on a velocity control resets its u...

daveMac89 by New Contributor
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Resolved! Supported font families with marqeta.bootstrap

Hello, i am using marqetajs 1.1.0. i'm trying to style the revealed data with font family: Space Grotesk and font family: Space Mono but it does not seem to work (both are google fonts). Is there a way to make them work? if not , is there a place to ...

Resolved! Integration of PCI Compliance into React Native

Hi Community, Can you help me out how we can configure marqeta.js to show cards details in react native. We have used Synctera to issue card and generating token from Synctera's API.Thank you.