June 19, 2024
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No answer from sales team

Hello,We've started working on the sandbox environment, but we obviously need to anticipate the pricing and process when to go to production. I've personally submitted two contact forms with no answer from the sales team for weeks.Is there another wa...

juju by New Contributor
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Crypto Debit Cards

Can anyone recommend on MQ APIs and overall approach to implement Crypto Debit cards using Marqeta APIs?What webhook do I need to use on my app side?Thanks!

I have contacted sales 2 weeks and i've not had a single reply

So we are developing our program using the APIs in the sandbox however there a few things we need help in such as enabling the PCI compliance API so we can allow our users to see their pin, cvv, and pan numbers.We also want clarification on how we ca...

Shuby1608 by New Contributor II
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Initial Contact

Hey, We have been trying to reach out via the contact form, sales@marqeta.com and sdr@marqeta.com  with no luck. Is there a communication channel we are missing?Feel free to reach out at chase@seagull.fiThanks, Chase

Chase by New Contributor
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When is card_token null in "/three-ds/decision"?

In https://www.marqeta.com/docs/core-api/3ds#_receive_an_advanced_authentication_challenge, we need to create an endpoint "/three-ds/decision" on our server so Marqeta can POST to it. The docs say:card_tokenstringOptionalMarqeta-assigned unique card ...

How can I use marqeta in funding and supporting platform?

Hi,Sorry this might be like a broad question, but I didn't understand much how Marqeta works. I am working on a website which works like buy me a coffee, so I have users get fund and support from the community.Can I use Marqeta to enable that? and Ho...

Can't launch card program

Hello, I have sent many times an email by typeform and sdr@marqeta.com but I have not had an answer for more than a week for being able to help me for the creation of the card program, thank you.

Vyft_team by New Contributor
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