September 30, 2023
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KYC Error on Sandbox

I'm trying to test the KYC flow (for both, clients & business)My flow is:- I created one Business- I created one Client (with the previous business as a parent account)-**(Current error)** I try to validate the Business through KYC for Business (or K...

joseglego by New Contributor
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How to simulate JIT funding incremental authorization

I'm unable to figure out how to simulate the JIT funding incremental authorization method from either the API docs nor from the simulation section in the documents. Can you please provide details in how to get this simulation underway ? Thanks in adv...

raihan by New Contributor
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Cannot create disputes in sandbox

Hello,I'm currently implementing a dispute system in our application. We have an existing Marqeta integration with our own sandbox environment. I'm currently having an issue when trying to create a case (disputes) in our sandbox. I'm currently using ...

d-nadams by New Contributor
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How to get merhcant account of marqeta

I will use marqeta api to generate virtual cards and do online transactions. But now I am working  in localhost using your sandbox account. But if i want to take it online how i should use this api and make online transactions  by creating virtual wi...

MBMishu by New Contributor
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What will be the flow of APIs and Webhooks for Chargeback ?

Hi @all,As mentioned in previous question, our team is working on a POC on Chargeback. We are pretty much clear on the Conceptual and Theoretical side, but we are still struggling from the API's flow side.So, the flow that we understood is as follows...

Arvind by New Contributor III
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How to handle Chargeback using Transaction Reference ?

Hi @all,We are working on a POC on Chargeback feature. For creating a dispute we need to provide the authorization clearing token of the transaction for which customer want to create a dispute.And as per my understanding, Clearing will be done by the...

Arvind by New Contributor III
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Can't simulate a balance inquiry with JIT Gateway

I'm building a JIT Gateway POC.  I have two separate endpoints, one for notifications and one for JIT Gateway authorizations.I am successfully able to simulate authorizations and subsequent clearings.  As expected, I receive authorization requests on...

sfishman by New Contributor
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Python web development feedback

Good day everyone, I am a Year 1 Data Science student who recently embarked on a project on the analysis of stock data. Using Dash and Flask framework only, I made a website that displays stock data information and analysis. I would like to get feedb...

Gugu by New Contributor
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