March 5, 2024
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Resolved! 400656 The card must be active or unactivated.

Hello,  We are receiving 400656 error code occasionally from our system and just wanted to clarify if card must be active means the card already activated in digital wallet. And unactivated mean card has not been activated to use yet. If you could pl...

Resolved! Use in Canada?

Can this product be used in Canada? I am from toronto and I am developing an app. I had considered using stripe, but i could not figure out if it was a good use case for designing a reward card program. Thanks!!

juliapak by New Contributor II
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Resolved! Partial approval zero amount

In the JIT gateway, Is it possible to approve 0 amount? If not, What  is the lowest amount that can be approved?During the mock test, I was able to approve amount as low as 0.000000001 , Will this be same case on production too?

hafiz by New Contributor II
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User - Business One to Many relationship

Is it possible for 1 user to have many businesses as parent? Is it supposed to be one to one relationship? also, is it mandatory for a user to be a child of a business? 

hafiz by New Contributor II
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Program funding sources per account?

Is it logical or possible to have program funding sources per businesses? or is that supposed to be for whole system? I understood that it is possible to have multiple sources in the system, but can we switch those sources based on business programma...

hafiz by New Contributor II
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Resolved! Card transaction to a merchant outside system

Suppose, If I issue Marqeta cards and the user goes to merchant and transact who is not part our system, who is not listed in our businesses, what will happen? Can we still process the transaction?

hafiz by New Contributor II
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Programmatically control Marqeta card transaction logic

First of all, I would like to get clarified how funding in Marqeta issued cards works, Does the user has to add money to the card priorly or does it happens only when user is actually making the transaction?(JIT)I would like to know that, Is it possi...

hafiz by New Contributor II
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