July 17, 2024
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Program funding sources per account?

Program funding sources per account?

New Contributor II

Is it logical or possible to have program funding sources per businesses? or is that supposed to be for whole system? 

I understood that it is possible to have multiple sources in the system, but can we switch those sources based on business programmatically? 

I mean, Our system will be internally tracking which funding source to be used for particular businesses, based on the when a payment requests comes is it possible to identify the merchant so that we can return which funding source it to be used?


Marqeta Staff
Marqeta Staff

Hi @hafiz 

There's only going to be one program funding source for the whole system so you, along with Marqeta, would determine if it's best to use Standard Funding, Managed JIT, or Gateway JIT. The funding source would be created based on that funding structure. 

If you need to track where funds need to be returned to, you can use the hierarchy you establish on the platform as each Business, User, and Card have tokens associated with them that will be available to you in the webhooks you receive. 


Thank you,