July 17, 2024
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Ask Me Anything: Developing crypto payment solutions ft. Bakkt, Fold & Shakepay

Community Manager
Community Manager

Zoom link  (https://marqeta.zoom.us/j/89813837752?pwd=VXQxc0h6Mlp0WWZsK2dpK091Qlp4QT09


A live AMA with developers from Bakkt, Fold & Shakepay discussing ways they’re helping grow the digital currency ecosystem. Submit your question now then tune-in Wednesday, November 10th at 11 am PST to hear from the panel. 


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Join us for this exciting installment of our Marqeta Dev AMA, a virtual community event series dedicated to sharing developer tips, tricks, and best practices. In this edition, we’re bringing you an exclusive Ask Me Anything with some of the leading crypto developer innovators! They’ll share their unique experiences developing successful crypto card products and answer questions submitted by the community.

Moderated by Marqeta's very own Sujin Park, we’re joined by: 

  • Andy Bryant, VP of Technology at Bakkt
  • Tom Dickman, Lead Software Engineer at Fold
  • Rafael Valverde, Software Engineer at Shakepay

We encourage you to ask your questions before the event starts. This way, we can make full use of the hour with our experts, and make sure that you will get your answers during our Live AMA session. You can submit your questions in the thread below.

Event Details

  1. Ask your questions below 👇🏽
  2. If you don't have a question yet but want to join the live session, Add to Calendar  for a reminder
  3. Join us for the live stream on November 10th at 11 AM PT. Navigate back here for the live webinar Zoom link
  4. The panel will answer questions on a first-come, first-serve basis, starting with those asked before the event. 
  5. Once the event is over, the thread will be locked, which means that no new questions can be posted. However, anyone will still be able to see the questions and answers from the event.

Some things to keep in mind:

  • The Community Guidelines still apply, so keep your comments polite.
  • Clear and detailed questions are more likely to receive a useful response, so try to be specific in what you are asking.
  • While the team will make an effort to answer all questions, time constraints and company policies may prevent some questions from being answered. Questions that are out of scope: Onboarding troubleshooting questions and support escalations

Pretty simple, right?

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New Contributor II

Nice. What tech stack and tools should developers use when considering building Blockchain solutions? How did you manage this with your own teams? 

New Contributor

1. How can Marqeta help developers integrate crypto solutions using your platform?

2. Do you also support global integrations for crypto developers?

New Contributor

With so many different crypto currencies and limited resources what is you process of prioritization around what currencies to support first and also on ongoing basis where to spend engineering when adding new ones. Is it just market cap or also technical novelties / ease of integration of concrete currency? 

New Contributor

1. How can companies in the space compete with products like Wyre who are acting as on-ramps and completing much of the transaction in house. Where is the main scope for partnerships?


New Contributor

How did you each get into crypto and what is the best lesson you've learned from navigating this space?

New Contributor

What inspired you to take the time and dedication to create your own crypto card?

New Contributor

hi, any plans to incorporate the super popular Defi tokens such as Shiba Inu or Safemmon in your business plan?

New Contributor

With the crypto card is it going to work like a debit card where retailers or companies who didn't/don't use crypto will accept this card? What coins will be used with the card or will all coins be able to be used with this card?

New Contributor

why is marqeta only good with linking cards to google devices VS apple? 

New Contributor

What new experiences are you creating to attract potential customers to this new way of  payment? I read that Fold created a gamification  experience that emphasizes healthy financial habits. How does it work exactly  and what are Bakkt and Shakepay doing on this? Greetings!

New Contributor

Are there any particular actions/ideas for dealing with the issue of the relative instability of crypto prices?

New Contributor II

Security wise, how Marqeta platform is going to face hacks / frauds in this field?

New Contributor

What are some obstacles you expect to come across?

New Contributor

What are some of the ethical implications of developing crypto further? Where do you see crypto in business in the next 5 years? 10?

New Contributor

Based on your experience, what's the most successful use case that is using crypto as a payment solution and not only as investment/trading? 

New Contributor

Is cryptocurrency really the future and why people does not trust it nowadays? (regular people, not traders/companies). Why people should trust crypto?

New Contributor

Do you have concerns about the environmental  impact due to the energy required to mine crypto? How can we reduce crypto's footprint?

New Contributor

Why should developers choose Marqeta over their competitors to roll out fintech and crypto card products?

New Contributor

Most payment cards function today using the Visa / MasterCard network rails. If we begin to use cryptocurrencies for payments, will we need to develop new payment rails, or can we use our existing payments infrastructure?

New Contributor

What solutions do you have in place for vendors that do not accept crypto cards?

It's easy to convert your crypto into spendable money?

New Contributor

Is crypto a good long term investment with how volatile it can be?

New Contributor

What was the most challenging thing by making your crypto card? 

New Contributor

What's the different between crypto vs bitcoin for long and short term investment? 

New Contributor

What are the most common security/fraud issues you see with the crypto card?

New Contributor

Can this cryptocard be used to spend on purchases like a normal debit/credit card?

Community Manager
Community Manager