June 23, 2024
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Community Manager
Community Manager



Hey Marqeta Devs 👋🏽Sharing some important updates you all should be check out.


But first, welcome to last week’s 16 new members! 🎉

@sbentley @rbaron @Ebonham @itssadon @ramayan @Jason_Cole @oana @ian_p @ioana_leahu @ungureanugb @jsangoua @jayadrungilas @hannahvoss @rscocozza @rachaelbrigham @RT - please make sure and say hello in the Introduction's thread, if you have not already!


Help us shape the Simulations API and be part of an upcoming user research session

Limited spots available! Sign-up and more details here. Questions? DM @jmoschou or ask on the thread. 


Even C-suite executives experience imposter syndrome

Learn how Marqeta’s CTO Randy Kern has dealt with this very common issue in his inspiring and insightful Ask Me Anything. You can watch it anytime, check out the recording here 

Stay tuned for more community news coming soon. 

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