June 19, 2024
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Community Manager
Community Manager

Today, we are announcing the Marqeta Developer Community, a new way for developers to not only connect with Marqeta but also with fellow Fintech devs for inspiration, technical support, just to chat about payments...and much more. 


This new resource is a direct result of the dozens of conversations we had with our Developer Community over the last few months. We saw a strong need for a new channel where developers can share what they know and learn from the experiences of others building on the Marqeta platform. The feedback here was clear, create a community platform so payment developers can find support, share best practices or post tips for others to use. 


Introducing the Marqeta Developer Community


Developers want to easily ask questions, be able to search for answers, learn about payments and also stay updated with the latest product news. So instead of creating multiple channels, we got to work on creating one central, vibrant hub where our Developer Community can find what they need.


Forum: search, ask technical questions and find answers


Wondering if someone has already asked the same question before? We’ve made it so that you can search back through all questions asked to the community, ever. If you still can’t find what you’re after, post the question on the forum - Marqeta moderators are there to help. 


Knowledge base: guides and how-tos from payments experts at Marqeta


Search through countless answers on FAQs, payment flows or how-to tutorials from Marqeta experts. This library of knowledge will continue to grow with new resources every month. Have something to add? We’ve enabled it so you can contribute too! Email us to learn how. 

Engineering blog: tips to keep up with the latest technologies and tools 


Keep tabs on what the engineering team at Marqeta is up to, get security best practices and learn how we code the products you use everyday. 

This is just the beginning...


Enabling developers with the tools they need to be successful is core to Marqeta’s mission.  We will continue to ask for feedback, listen to our members and seek opportunities to add more value where we can. This is just the start of what we have planned for our Developer Community. 


From webinars, events (virtual and in person (once permitted and safe!)), Beta programs, SDKs, AMA and more...make sure you don’t miss any announcements and sign-up to the community. All that is needed is a username and an email address. 


See you around the community!


Ricardo Navarro, DevRel & Community Lead

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