July 14, 2024
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Card Product Level Spend Control is not working for a different Card

New Contributor III

Let's consider one scenario:

  • User 1 wants to create few single-use cards that can be used as gift cards.
  • So, Our Program provides a Card product with a Single Use Spend Control.
  • User 1 creates the first card with this card product as Card 1.
  • User 1 is able to do the first transaction using this card.
  • The rest of the transactions for this Card are getting declined (as expected).
  • User 1 creates another single-use card as Card 2.
  • Now using Card 2, the user is not able to do the Transaction because of the same spend control.

According to this scenario, is the behavior of the last step is expected, or its an exception.
If this is expected, how can we cater to the requirement mentioned in the first step?


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey @Arvind, good question. The Single Use Spend Control is a User level control so it’s acting as expected as it restricts the total amount of transactions per User not per Card. This is structured to be ’one card per user and as of right now I don’t believe we can restrict transactions at the card level. 

Does this help?

New Contributor III

Hey @Ricardo ,

Thanks for your response.
So, what should be the best way to implement the above requirement?
Is there anything planned for this in the pipeline?

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey @Arvindas with a lot of things in payments, the answer depends…so before I can provide some tips, could you give us more details on what you hope to accomplish with this use case? That will help me point you in the right direction to save you time. 

New Contributor

As far as my knowledge goes, User1 would have to create a child user per gift card and each of those child users would need a single-use spend control. Any card product control applies across all cards created with that card product. I may be misunderstanding the question, but from what I know that would be the solution I would pursue.

Marqeta Staff
Marqeta Staff

The recommended way to implement a single-use card program is to leverage single-use-accounts. Each time you want to issue a new single-use card, you would first create a new user (GPA) that the card can be issued to. You would only issue one card per user, and you can use card-product-level velocity controls. Having parent/child users,  or having user-level-velocity controls is not needed, though it is viable to implement in that way.