July 17, 2024
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I have contacted sales 2 weeks and i've not had a single reply

New Contributor II

So we are developing our program using the APIs in the sandbox however there a few things we need help in such as enabling the PCI compliance API so we can allow our users to see their pin, cvv, and pan numbers.

We also want clarification on how we can launch, what we need in terms of compliance to launch and prices etc, but we haven't heard anything back after submitting to the sales team. 

We are also having trouble using the Account Holder Funding Sources API specifically the Create payment card source api where i want to use this to allow users to put money into their GPA to spend with our card (if this is wrong implementation of this API please let me know). Every-time i submit the api with a new user i get this error here :

"error_message": "General gateway exception: Invalid gateway merchant.",
"error_code": "400038"

I've tried everything to fix this but i don't know how to. 

Also i understand how to make a gpaorder, but how do i use this Create payment card source api to allow users to submit a card and then allow them to fund their GPA account using the card so they can use our card to spend ? 

Am i missing something when it comes to sending an application. Please reply to me when possible : sahmed@innofund.uk


New Contributor II

please feel free to get in contact at sahmed@innofund.uk

Hi @Shuby1608 , Community Manager here. Thanks for posting here in the Dev Community. I have sent this over to our sales team and will ensure you get a direct response. Stay tuned as I get you connected with the right resources.

thank you for the fast response 🙂

It’s my pleasure. I’m always here to help. Feel free to post any other questions you may have here in the community. We’ve got your back!

Also, Connecting you with one of our solutions engineers @karlcyr here, who can help provide some details as requested in your original post.

Is it possible to have the sales team reach out to me as well? I've filled the contact form twice one was a few days ago and the previous one was around 10~ days ago 

Hi Cole,


just so I can stay updated when does the sales team typically get in contact to start the process of setting up the environment and enable other api features ?

This is just so I can make sure I’m on track to get a response and I don’t do unnecessary communication.

Hello Coleahan,

I also reached out to your sales team 3 times in the past 2 weeks and I never heard anything from them. I would appreciate if you can please let them to reach me.



Hi @Shuby1608 , thanks for reaching out. Some of the features you have mentioned (access to PCI endpoints, account holder funding sources) require additional configuration at an environment level during your program setup. Your Marqeta Solutions and Integration Engineering contacts will be able to help with this. Also please note that these features aren't available on our public sandbox at this time. 

Regarding your questions around how to launch, I recommend starting with the Developer Guides available here: Building Your Card Program Overview.

New Contributor II

So do I have to be in contact with sales to setup my environment for the program setup with the integration engineering contact ?

also perfect I’ll look over that link.


thank you also for the response 🙂 

Hi @Shuby1608 , our sales team should be reaching out tomorrow or Tuesday. I’ll respond here on this post once I get confirmation. Have a great rest of your day.

Perfect, please do update, I’m sorry if I seem quite rushed but it’s just we want to launch quickly 😅. Also if there is any problems or changes I need to make to the applications please do let me know 

I hear you. Your eagerness is exciting to hear. Our sales team has notified me that they marked you inquiry as seen and are directly reaching out.

Yes - there are some features that require approval and discussion with the issuing bank partner, so our sales team will work with you to make sure we're aligned on the solution you need first before setting up the environment. Generally we find that the technical integration is not the "long pole in the tent" - especially with a client who has a well-resourced and motivated technical team. Once you have bank approvals and BINs in place I'm sure your integration will move very quickly.