May 26, 2022
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Core Api - Filtering on listed Card products

It would be great to have the Core Api allow us to filter on listed card products e.g./cardproducts?active=true&count=100We wouldn't need all fields supported, but something at the very least to separate active and inactive card products would be ext...

johncyril by New Contributor
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I'm Ahmed Siddiqui, Ask Me Anything! Live on 12/15

Zoom link ( I’m Ahmed Siddiqui, Chief Payments Officer at workforce payments platform Branch and author of The Anatomy of the Swipe. I’m excited to join the next Marqeta Dev A...

Ahmed AMA social promo-twitter-v2.jpg

Resolved! Client Access Token creation--403001 error

Hi, new to Marqeta, so apologies if this is an easy or obvious fix.We're trying to create a client access token so we can use one of the widgets.We've successfully created a user, card product and card, but are getting:{ "error_message": "User do...

Resolved! Gateway-style approval for ACH debit

Looking over the ACH Origination docs here, I see that ACH debit transactions (sending money from a Marqeta account to another account) appears to be possible.  Also, Webhooks related to ACH events are mentioned here.Can a webhook be setup to approve...

pb-cons by New Contributor III
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Resolved! Understanding how program funding works for JIT Gateway

I need to confirm some assumptions about JIT Gateway funding.  I've gone through the relevant guides but I'll need some help to make it stick.Assume that I setup a Marqeta integration using a JIT Gateway approval webhook.  I believe that funding thos...

pb-cons by New Contributor III
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Resolved! what does the always_fund argument control?

Looking over the Card Product configuration API request for JIT Gateway funding, I see this object at: request object/config/jit_funding/programgateway_funding_source {   enabled   funding_source_token   refunds_destination   always_fund}I can't find...

pb-cons by New Contributor III
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Resolved! Are Direct Deposit simulations possible in the sandbox?

I'm trying to exercise the Direct Deposit simulation: POST /simulate/directdepositsFor the request I need an account number. According to GET /depositaccounts/user/{token} my users have no deposit accounts.Trying to create a deposit account using: PO...

pb-cons by New Contributor III
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